What is the Challenger Badge System?

Q1 It seems like the Challenger Badge System mobile app is being updated, but can I still submit a request?

You may submit your documents by email. While we are currently updating the software to make it easier to use, the Challenger Badge System itself is currently in operation, so feel free to submit a request.

Q2 What is the Challenger Badge System? What is its purpose?

The Challenger Badge System is a system designed to encourage and support students' extracurricular activities.

It was created in order to further encourage students to take on challenging activities, such as advanced ICT and venture education, regional exchanges, and more. (It is a system designed to support students' independent learning.)

Q3 What types of badges are available?

There are four types of badges issued for different levels of achievements. Badges are issued to students who file requests only after they pass rigid screening by the screening committee.

  Gold Badge: Placed highly in a world-level competition

  Silver Badge: Placed at least 3rd in a world-level competition, Asia-level competition, or domestic competition

  Bronze Badge: Participation in a Asia-level competition, or wining a prize in a domestic competition

  Coin: Participation in a competition or event

 Please know that badges are digital items contained within the system and that you will not receive a physical badge.

Q4 How do we earn badges?

There are two ways to earn badges.

1 Earning badges through events

By participating in events that have been authorized to issue badges, you can earn badges from the organizers of said events. In order to earn badges using this method, check the forum, etc. regularly for information and apply to participate in eligible events.

2 Earning badges by submitting a request to the university

Regarding your achievements and activities in all extracurricular activities other than those mentioned in the previous paragraph, you may earn badges by submitting a request to the Challenger Badge Screening Committee. If you have engaged in some challenging activities, please use this method to submit a badge request.

Q5 What are the benefits of earning Challenger Badges?

Badges exist to help students self-actualization. We hope that you will use Challenger Badges as a goal to motivate yourselves. We have a system for honoring honor students who have engaged in remarkable activities.

Q6 Is it even possible for third parties to evaluate my extracurricular activities?

Students' requests for Challenger Badge are carefully screened by the Challenger Badge Screening Committee formed by five selected UoA faculty and staff members.

Q7 What should be my goal regarding the earning of badges?

We recommend an initial goal of earning one silver badge in a year. To do that, you need to engage in extracurricular activities and place well (3rd place or above) in a competition. We believe that the Challenger Badge will help you gain a variety of experiences you would not be able to get from your studies alone, and that these experiences will help you improve your ability to solve problems in the real world.

Q8 In what sort of situations can I make use of the badge's I've earned?

A The badges can help you develop your own world-level capabilities. We also believe the badges will be useful to help you keep track of your achievements when putting your resume together.

Q9 How do I request a badge? (Excluding authorized events)

A Currently, you can submit requests by emailing the UoA Challenger Badge Request Form (see the tab shown above) along with the required documents, or bring them directly to the SGU Promotion Office. Contact us at cbs-adm@u-aizu.ac.jp if you have any questions.

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