- Query-by-Object (QBO) approach
QBO is a new way to search databases. Because it offers commands such as "search by object" and "designate another search based on the search results", as part of its features QBO demands less cognitive load from users and displays information in a manner better designed for small devices. It is particularly helpful for searching data in map databases.

- Database searching problems with the Web and regular databases
Almost all applications (such as banking applications) display map information that shows the positions of service points such as ATMs and branches or outlets.
Let's say, however, that a user wants to know for example the ATM nearest to his or her current location. If more than one bank shares a single ATM, the information involved in the search becomes more complex, making it more burdensome for the user, who in this scenario may have to look at the website of each bank one by one in order to find the nearest ATM.
In addition, for database search languages such as SQL, the user needs to have knowledge of the search target, as well as knowledge of SQL grammar.

- Simple searching of data equivalent to SQL
Just like when a user says "I want to find a post office or a bank branch on Route 49 with an ATM", it makes more sense to narrow down a search target, in a manner involving a connection with multiple objects that the user can recognize in his/her everyday life.

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