1. Independent component analysis (ICA) and blind source separation (BSS)
    |TAB|In the real world, an observed signal by sensor is usually recorded as a mixture of several sources. How to separate each source signals from only the observation is a very important research topic. This is also called by cocktail party problem. By this we can separate or extract signals by a computer, which is very similar to what is done by a human brain.
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  3. Swarm intelligence and Nature-inspired intelligence
    |TAB|In a swarm of, e.g., bird, insects, bacterium and particle, each individual does some simple actions and simply communicates with others. Every individuals are equal. But as a swarm, actions with a great deal of intelligence may be created. By a simulation of such activity, in a computer, we can realize something that usually cannot be done by other methods.
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  5. Signal or image reconstruction from incomplete data
    |TAB|Because of restrictions of space or time, or due to noise and interference, the recorded data may by incomplete. How to reconstruct the true signal or image is the purpose of this research. There are many applications such as in communications, medical technology, brain science, etc.

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