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We proposed a new type of drone called "Dronet." A dronet is composed of many drones. Each drone of a dronet is connected by cables with neighboring drones. Drones of a dronet are taking distributed control for stabilizing the dronet and reaching the target place. The flight for reaching a target place is realized by stabilization of a dronet against a vertual and external force additionally introduced. A dronet can realize new functions which are not realized by a group of conventional drones.

 Two types of dronet are proposed, that is, a dronet with a power supply cable from the ground, and a dronet without power supply from the ground. The latter type of  dronet has drones which are used for only carrying batteries.  Both types of dronet are robust against external forces like the wind for capturing  video data of scene by cameras, and able to carry a heavy object by summing up payload of many drones.

 A drone with a cable for supplying power from the ground is able to stay in the air for a long time. Therefore the dronet with line shape can enter the internal space of buildings or bridges so that cameras or laser sensors can work for a long time in the space for obtaining necessary sensor data.

 The sub-images indicate the simulations of dronet motion: 1) doronet carrying an object, 2) dronet with a broken drone, 3)  dronet with line shape. A hardware under construction is also shown.

Reference :Ryuichi Oka, Keisuke Hata: "Dronet --Drone Network Connected by Cables," Journal of The Society of Instrument and Control Engineer, Vol.56, January, pp.40-43, 2017. (in Japanese)

 The patent of this method is now pending.

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