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Project Management, Systems Dependability, System Operations
Educational Background, Biography
1975: Graduated Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, the University of Tokyo 1978: Completed master's degree in Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, the University of Tokyo 1978 - 2007: IBM Japan, Ltd. - R&D in the area of PC, HDD, etc. Development process, and others 2007 - 2014: Japan Science and Technology Agency - Director of Dependable Embedded OS R&D Center 2014 - 2015: Information Technology Promotion Agency - Research and study of Information System Operations 2015: Present post
Current Research Theme
Project management, Systems dependability, Industry-academia collaboration
Key Topic
Dependability, Open Systems, Management, Practical use
Affiliated Academic Society
The Association of Depenadability Engineering for Open systems


Music (esp. piano music), Photo
School days' Dream
Knowing the cosmos
Current Dream
Knowing myself
You can't do it tomorrow if you don't do it today
Favorite Books
(Japanese) 「物理の散歩道」(ロゲルギスト), "Inventions and Sinfonias" (J. S. Bach)
Messages for Students
Be a man of your word
Publications other than one's areas of specialization

Dissertation and Published Works

Books (Part)
- Mario Tokoro (Editor): Open Systems Dependability, CRC Press, 2013 ISBN-13: 978-1466577510
- (Japanese) 所 眞理雄(編): DEOS -変化しつづけるシステムのためのディペンダビリティ工学、近代科学社、2014 ISBN-13: 978-4764904613
Technical Papers and Reports
- (Japanese) 屋代 眞、高村 博紀、松原 茂: ディペンダブルシステム構築と運用の技術 SEC journal Vol.9 No.4 Jan. 2014, pp.171-175
- (Japanese) 所 眞理雄、屋代 眞、髙村 博紀: DEOSプロジェクトとオープンシステム・ディペンダビリティ REAJ誌 2014 Vol.36, No4(通巻216号)
Project Reports(Editing and partial contribution)
- Mario Tokoro: DEOS Project White Paper, Japan Science and Technology Agency, 2011, DEOS-FY2011-WP-03E
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