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Human Interface Laboratory
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Courses - Undergraduate
Discrete Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Applied Algebra, Complex Analysis
Courses - Graduate


Speech Processing, Pattern Recognition and Processing, Magic Graph
Educational Background, Biography
1979 Mathematics, Master of Science, Tohoku Univ.1979-1986 NTT Musashino ECL1986 Doctor of Engineering, Tohoku Univ.1986-1987 visiting researcher, Murray Hill, AT&T Bell Lab.1987-1990 NTT Basic Research Lab.1990-1993 ATR Interpreting Telephony Research Lab.1993- Professor, Univ. of Aizu
Current Research Theme
Magic Graph
Key Topic
Magic Graph
Affiliated Academic Society
ASJ (Acoustical Society of Japan), IPSJ, IEICE, IEEE


Tree-ing (Tree Climbing), Back Country Ski (Telemark), Canadian Canoe, Er-hu
School days' Dream
Current Dream
Generation and analysis of Magic Graph in Polyhedron
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Dissertation and Published Works

M. Sugiyama, Integer Graph Assignment Problem, Proc. of IPSJ, 3C-2
(Mar. 2014).

M. Sugiyama, On Search Efficiency Comparison of $\ell_p$
Distance-based Time Series Active Search Algorithm, Trans. of IEICE,
Vol.J91-D, No.8, pp.2071-2079 (Aug. 2008).

M. Sugiyama, T. Okamoto, An Efficient Segment Search Method Based upon
Geometric Properties of Metric Space and Output Probability Sequence,
Trans. of IPSJ, Vol.47, No.6, pp.1675-1686 (June 2006).

S. Takeuchi, M. Sugiyama, Evaluation of Automatic Model Training
Method for Voice/Non-Voice Classification, Trans. of IPSJ, Vol.47,
No.6, pp.1774-1781 (June 2006).unication Lifetime in Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, vol. 57, no. 4, July 2008, pp. 2414 - 2425."