We will have an International Talk to introduce "Belarus" via an online presentation in the "Virtual Global Lounge" on Wednesday, October 21st.

Mr. Victor Khaustov and Ms. Veranika Mikhailava will be invited as speakers. They will introduce their country "Belarus", and talk about the culture, famous people, food and more in English!

If you would like to deepen the cross-cultural communication skill and want to know about Belarus, please join the International Talk online!

Join the Zoom with the link and input the meeting ID! You can interact with Mr. Khaustov, Ms. Mikhailava and many students! You can enter and leave anytime during the session.

For more details on this event, please refer to the poster. We look forward to seeing you at the International Talk!

*Participation is limited to students, faculty and staff of the University.


◇Date and Time: Wednesday, October 21st, 12:40 ~13:10

◇Speakers: Mr. Victor Khaustov (Doctoral third year) and Ms. Veranika Mikhailava (Master's second year)

◇Name of the meeting:International Talk6_1021

If you have any questions about this event, please feel free to contact us.

Office for Strategy of International Program (OSIP), Center for Globalization

Email: osip-global@u-aizu.ac.jp