Active Knowledge Engineering Lab


1.   Mission


The Active Knowledge Engineering Lab activities include investigations that are about

      Discovering, externalizing, expressing, representing, sharing, exploring, configuring, activating, growing and managing enterprise knowledge,

      Designing new programming platforms based on mentioned above principles.


2.   Members


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Research Topics

      Human-Centric SOA-based Environment for Programming,

      High-Performance Computing,

      Tsunami Modeling



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Senior Associate





Research Topics

      Active Knowledge: Formats, Languages, and Tools,

      3D Objects and Modeling,

      Teaching and Learning Technologies.


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Associate Professor



Research Topics

      AI for games, based on machine learning algorithms,

      Natural language processing technologies in language learning,

      Sentiment analysis in texts and images.


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3.   Address

Active Knowledge Engineering Laboratory
University of Aizu
Tsuruga, Ikki-machi,
Aizu-wakamatsu City, Fukushima
965-8580 Japan