Current research fields

  Modeling of Cardiac Electrcal Activity

  Graphene Based Nano-Electronic and Opto-Electronic Devices
  • Terahertz and far infrared detectors
  • Graphene terahertz laser

  Plasma Wave Terahertz Devices
  • Proposal and theoretical assessment of detectors, mixers, and frequency multipliers utilizing plasma wave effects in HEMT-like heterostructures.

  Micro- and Nano-electromechanical Terahertz Devices
  • Detectors of modulated terahertz radiation using electromechanical and plasma resonances in two-dimensional electron systems with mechanically floating gates /carbon nanotubes

Laboratory Head
Research topics: Theoretical and experimental study of graphene based and terahertz plasma wave devices
Director of Center
Research topics: Theoretical and experimental study of heterostructure terahertz devices
Laboratory Head
Research topics: theory and simulation of microelectronic and nanoelectronic devices

    Previous research fields and achievements

  Quantum-Well and Quantum-Dot Infrared Photodetectors (QWIPs and QDIPs) and Structures

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  • Multiple Quantum Well (MQW) Structures
    • Elucidation of the influence of non-equilibrium electron transport on the capture effects in MQWs.
    • Prediction, theoretical study, and Monte Carlo simulation of self-organization and chaos in uncoupled MQWs.
    • Publications
  • Quantum Well Infrared Photodetectors (QWIPs)
    • Development of analytical and numerical (drift-diffusion and Monte Carlo) models for the QWIP steady-state and transient operation.
    • Monte Carlo simulation of QWIPs
    • Clarification and investigation of the role of contact and distributed effects in QWIPs.
    • Theoretical study and computer simulation of the capture, transit-time and strongly non-equilibrium effects in the QWIP transient (from low to ultra-high frequencies) operation.
    • Proposal and theoretical evaluation of a novel infrared photodetector - the unipolar Darlington QWIP
    • Proposal and theoretical evaluation of the bistable QWIP with a resonant-tunneling (RT) injection.
    • Proposal and theoretical study of the lateral hot electron infrared phototransistor.
    • Publications
  • Quantum Dot Infrared Photodetectors (QDIPs)
    • Proposal of novel infrared photodetectors utilizing intersubband transitions from bound states in quantum dots into continuum states - the quantum dot infrared photodetectors (QDIPs).
    • Estimation of QDIP and QRIP performance in comparison with that of QWIPs.
    • Publications

  Metal-Semiconductor-Metal (MSM) and heterostructure photodetectors
  • MSM PDs
    • Development of analytical and Monte Carlo models for interdigitated MSM PDs.
    • Theoretical study and computer simulation of the MSM PD operation in terahertz range of signal frequencies.
    • Publications
  • Uni-Traveling-Carrier Photodetectors (UTC PDs)
    • Development of Monte Carlo model for UTC PDs.

Heterostructure Transistors, Lasers, and Integrated Optoelectronis Devices
  • Heterostructure Transistors
    • Theoretical investigation of resonant plasma effects in the hot-electron transistors (HETs) with high electron mobility in the base and proposal of novel terahertz devices utilizing these effects.
    • Proposal of a bistable bipolar transistor with an RT electron extraction and accumulation of electron mobil space charge in the collector depletion region and its theoretical study and computer simulation.
    • Publications
  • Lasers and Integrated Optoelectronis Devices
    • Proposal and theoretical investigation of the laser-transistors with an RT extraction of electrons (holes) from an active region.
    • Proposal and theoretical evaluation of the up-converters of the infrared radiation on t he base of integrated quantum-well infrared photodetector - light-emitting diode (QWIP-LED) structures.
    • Detailed theoretical study of the physics of pixelless QWIP-LED imager operation.
    • Publications

Former Cooperation
Group Head
Research topics: theoretical and experimental study of MSM photodetectors, laser-transistors and terahertz detectors and mixers based on hot-electron transistors
Department Head
Research topics: theoretical study of nonequilibrium processes in MQW structures
Laboratory Head
Research topics: theoretical study of nonequilibrium processes in MQW structures
Group Leader
Dr. H.C.Liu
Research topics: theoretical and experimental study of QWIPs, QWIP-LED imagers and other devices