Research in Intelligence Systems

Research in Intelligence Systems

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of learning relating to the theories and technologies needed to realize human-level intelligence or higher using computers. Today AI has reached into every corner of society, playing a significant role in data searches, medical diagnoses, traffic management, and nursing care of the elderly. AI's importance is constantly growing, with research presently being conducted around the world on achieving AI on a major scale using the internet, smart devices (such as smartphones) and sensor networks. The University of Aizu directs its energies in particular into research on:

  • Methods for computers to achieve human learning competency;
  • Methods for extracting knowledge which can pass on outcomes learned by computers;
  • Methods for recognizing and correctly interpreting sensor data, image data, voice data, and sound data.

Some Intelligence Systems research examples

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Industries and businesses needing people with expertise in intelligence systems

  • IT-related businesses
  • Security companies (image processing and recognition)
  • Securities companies
  • Finance businesses (data classification and analysis)

Research in other fields