Research in Multimedia Arts

Research in Multimedia Arts

The University of Aizu has established a multimedia arts environment encompassing a range of different creative activities, including computer art. This environment fosters our students' creative powers of expression through the classes we run and the extracurricular activities on offer. Programming is a creative technical skill, and we run many classes which relate directly to the relationship between computers and art. In many other classes students will be challenged to achieve originality in what they express.
Our fully equipped facilities include maker culture studios, complete with 3D printers. We also have a special theater for viewing and hearing stereoscopic images and stereophonic sounds that students generate on computers.
The University of Aizu offers its students many opportunities for self-expression. It has a range of student clubs and associations, including where students can use computers to produce video material and music, or where students can perform music and dance.

Some Multimedia Arts research examples

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Industries and businesses needing people with expertise in multimedia arts

  • System engineering
  • Software engineering

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