The University of Aizu AI Center

                      Last update: November 6, 2020

News & Topics

November 6, 2020  "UoA Research Cluster Forum" was held

July 8, 2020  Added the "Cloud Computing Service" link developed by Professor Markov

June 1, 2020  Joined "Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Network"

November 23, 2019  Third AI Center Symposium was held

October 2, 2019 Third AI Center Symposium will be held on Saturday, November 23

December 8, 2018 Second AI Center Symposium was held

November 13, 2018 Second AI Center Symposium will be held on Saturday, December 8

April 21,2018   First AI Center Symposium was held

April 10,2018   First AI Center Symposium will be held on Saturday, April 21

    About AI Center

    The University of Aizu, in April 2018, we established the "AI Center" for the purpose of solving technical problems and strengthening human resources development abilities.

    Research field

    ○Machine learning、Deep learning ○Big data
    ○ AI chip・hardware implementation ○AI Ethics and Society

    Organization(As of July 21, 2020) 28 people *in random order

    Role & Research field



    ZHAO Qiangfu

    Sub leader

    ZHU Xin(research)


    Machine learning,Deep learning

    JING Lei

    COHEN Michael

    LI Xiang

    TAKAHASHI Shigeo

    MARKOV Konstantin

    LIU Yong

    Human-centered computing

    SHIN Jung-pil

    PEI Yan


    Big data

    YEN Neil Yuwen

    SAMPE Takeaki

    HAMEED Saji N.

    PAIK Incheon

    RAGE Uday Kiran

    AI chip・hardware implementation

    OKUYAMA Yuichi

    SAITO Hiroshi

    TOMIOKA Yoichi

    NAKASATO Naohito

    BEN ABDALLAH Abderazek


    VAZHENIN Alexander P.

    KLUEV Vitaly

    PYSHKIN Evgeny

    LI Peng

    WATANOBE Yutaka

    Industry collaboration

    IWASE Jiro


    Administrative Office, Planning and Collaboration Division

    *The above is a rough classification, please contact us for further information.

    Contact details

    □About AI research contents, industry-university collaboration, etc.
      University-Business Innovation Center (UBIC):Ishibashi
      Phone:0242-37-2776  E-mail

    □About the management of the center, public relations etc.
      Planning and Collaboration Division: Watanabe, Matsubayashi
      Phone:0242-37-2510  E-mail


    The University of Aizu provides cloud services.


    Cloud-02-01.png(Internal access only)