This page tells the parents of prospective students various information about the university of Aizu.

School fees and scholarships

School fees

Admission Payment

Enrollment Fees Insurance Fee Other expenses(*) Total amount
Fukushima Prefecture Residents 282,000 JPY 3,300 JPY 85,520 JPY 370,820 JPY
Non-Residents 564,000 JPY 652,820 JPY

* Other expenses:
Lecture meeting fee (62,520 JPY **including TOEIC examination fee), Alumni membership (10,000 JPY), Student member fee (10,000 JPY), Freshman orientation fee (3,000 JPY)

School fee

First semester
April - September
Second semester
October - March
Total amount
(per year)
Payment 260,400 JPY 260,400 JPY 520,800 JPY


Students can apply for scholarships loan programs which are operated by various local public entities and private organizations as well as Japan Student Service Organization to support their student lives.

Monthly Scholarship
For Category Monthly Amount
Undergraduates I Commuting from home: 30,000 JPY or 45,000 JPY
Commuting from an apartment, etc.: 30,000 JPY or 51,000 JPY
(Choose from 5 different amount)
30,000 JPY
50,000 JPY
80,000 JPY
100,000 JPY
120,000 JPY
Master's students I 50,000 JPY or 88,000 JPY
(Choose from 5 different amount)
50,000 JPY
80,000 JPY
100,000 JPY
130,000 JPY
150,000 JPY
Doctoral students I 80,000 JPY or 122,000 JPY
(Choose from 5 different amount)
50,000 JPY
80,000 JPY
100,000 JPY
130,000 JPY
150,000 JPY

(* scholarship loan is subject to change.)

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Dormitory, Apartment

Somei House

Students not only from all over Japan but also from around the world live together and share the facilities. They develop socializing skills and learn cooperation. This dormitory was built in 2011 for the purpose to help students increase their motivation to lean and have their campus life smoothly.

Information of Somei House

Address 90 Kami-iawase, Tsuruga, Ikki-machi, Aizu-Wakamatsu, Fukushima, 965-8580
* In campus
Building Reinforced concrete 4 Floors
Capacity 80 students (Male 70, Female 10)
Eligible students to apply Grade 1 students of undergraduate course, International students except receiving scholarship by government
Length of residence Entrance in April : April 1 - March 15
Entrance in October : October 1 - September 15
Room 10m2
Equipped furniture : air conditioner, desk, chair, bed, wardrobe, internet connection
Equipment in Communal Spaces Shower(no bath tub), toilets, wash basins, kitchen, refrigerator, TV, microwave oven、rice cooker, vacuum cleaner, wash/dry machine
  • Boarding fee / month 17,000 JPY
  • Common used fee / month 2,000 JPY
  • Deposit 30,000 JPY

* Electricity and water fee will be charged per consumption.
* Deposit will be back upon move-out after deducting room & curtain cleaning and other unpaid fee. If unpaid fee exceeds the deposit, the exceeding amount will be charged to the student.

Meals Self catered (=no meals included) *residents can cook in the kitchen or use university cafeteria.
Selection of resident By University
Special instruction

Somei House resident assistant (SRA) lives in every unit.

Private room

There are 10 private rooms on each unit furnished with a bed, closet, desk, air-conditioning and interphone.

Common living room

Each unit has a comfortable common living room where students get together to study together, have a conversation and watch TV. They can also cook for themselves in the kitchen.

Laundry corner

There are two washing and drying machines in each unit.

Shower room and washbasin

There are two shower rooms in each unit.Washbasins for female students are equipped with a shower for shampoo.

Housing Information of Aizu Wakamatsu city

Apartment / Boarding house / Room rental

Information on apartments and boarding houses is available at the Student Affairs Division. The "Accommodation Guide for Apartments, Boarding Houses and Room Rentals" is enclosed with the enrollment documents posted to successful candidates of the entrance examination.

Apartment 30,000 JPY - 50,000 JPY
With kitchen, bath and washroom
Boarding House 50,000 JPY - 70,000 JPY
Communal kitchen, bath and washroom
Room Rental 15,000 JPY - 20,000 JPY
Communal kitchen bath and washroom

Career information

The University of Aizu: Strong on Employability

At the University of Aizu, as well as providing the latest corporate data and other careers information, the advisers in our career support office offer individual advice and provide comprehensive support with job-hunting. Because of this, the University has achieved an extremely high rate of job offers for our students ever since its inception, a constant 100% at graduate level and an average of 97% for undergraduates.

Career Paths of Undergraduate Students

Career Paths of Graduate Students

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Career Image

Behind our high graduate employment rate

01 Quality education

Since the University of Aizu carries out specialist computing education and research, students will have the opportunity to learn the latest knowledge and skills from excellent professors from around the world. Students can also personalize their curriculum and attain a high degree of expertise in the field of computer science.

02 Outstanding learning environment

There are nearly 3,000 computers on campus, creating an environment in which students can study at any time (24-hour availability). Also, our teaching of English, an essential prerequisite for computer science, is thorough, and they will gain practical English skills.

03 The University of Aizu brand

After receiving a quality education at the first computer-science specialized university in Japan, our graduates have gone on to success in many different fields. Thanks to their endeavors, the University of Aizu has built a highly trusted brand.

04 Career support

Students will receive career education from their first year of study, and in their third year, they will be given guidance to help them choose their career path and participate in career design activities to aid their job-hunting. Career advisers also provide advice and counseling from a range of perspectives, helping them to realize their dreams.

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