Emergency Student Support Handout for Continuing Studies

[July 6th Update]

This is to notify you regarding Second Round (Last Round) of Emergency Student Support Handout for Continuing Studies by Japanese Government.We accept applicants who are not able to submit application in first round (Deadline: June 10th).Please refer following carefully, and confirm eligibility and submit your application documents by 17:00pm, July 15th (Wed).

[June 4 Update]
The University is preparing to provide financial aid for students. The recipients will be selected from those who applied for this "Emergency Student Support Handout for Continuing Studies". Due to the limited budged, it is not guaranteed that all applicants will be able to receive the financial aid and the amount of the aid has not been decided. However, if you're in financial trouble for COVID-19, do not hesitate to submit your application for this "Emergency Student Support Handout for Continuing Studies" even you don't meet all the required criteria. [June 4 Update]
We've added some notes about how to fill in the form. If you will submit the application from now on, please refere to the notes. * You must download the application form for submission from "◆ Required documents for application" at the bottom of this page.
Form 1 (with Note) &nbsp Form2 (with Note)

May 29, 2020

Dear students,

The Japanese Government has established at the Student Emergency Support Project to assist students who are struggling financially and have lost income due to COVID-19 outbreak, to continue your education. Students who want to apply, please read Application Guidelinecarefully and submit application documents as follows.

[Important] Application Guideline provides information such as bank account you cannot use for receiving the support or how to apply for those who have just entered the university and were about to start a part-time job, so please read the guideline carefully before you apply

◆Handout Amount

  • Students exempt from residence: 200,000 yen
  • Other students: 100,000 yen

◆Students who are eligible

Student who are living away from home and covering tuition with resources such as part-time work, and losing a significant amount of income due to COVID-19, in principle. In particular, international students need to fulfill following criteria "1-5 and 7".

  1. You are not receiving large sums from family.(*1)
  2. You generally do not live in a supporter's residence.*(*2)
  3. Your part-time income accounts for a large percentage of funds for paying daily expenses and tuition.
  4. Due to a loss of income for your family (by either parent) or other such reason, you do not expect to receive additional support from family.
  5. You have lost a significant amount (50% or more compared to the previous month (*4)) of part-time income due to the coronavirus (including compensation for absence from work through the employment adjustment subsidy (*3).
  6. You fulfill the criteria for one of the following programs. (*5)
    [Note] 6. is NOT applicable for international students.
    1) You are a Class I recipient under the New Higher Education Support System ("New System" below).
    2) You are a Class II or III recipient under the New System AND a student eligible to simultaneously receive a Category I scholarship (interest-free scholarship) who has used or plans to use the entire scholarship.  
    3) You are an applicant to the New System or plan to use the New System AND you have used or plan to use your entire Category I scholarship (interest-free scholarship).  
    4) You are not eligible for the New System AND you have used or plan to use your entire Category I scholarship (interest-free scholarship).  
    5) You cannot use the New System or a Category I scholarship (interest-free scholarship) because you do not meet the criteria, BUT you plan to use a support program provided by the private sector or elsewhere for which you are eligible to apply.
  7. An international student or the like (including students at Japanese language institutions) must fulfill the following criteria IN ADDITION TO experiencing economic hardship accompanying the novel coronavirus pandemic. (The same applies to programs such as International Student Study Incentives.)
    1)You are a student with excellent grades. Specifically, your average grades for the previous school year must be 2.30 or higher.
    2)Your monthly attendance is at least 80%.
    3)You receive an average of no more than 90,000 yen in monthly remittances (not including funds for paying admission fees, test fees, etc.).

    (*1)The rough standard for receiving large sums from family would be 1.5 million yen or more in remittances (including those for paying tuition).
    (*2)If you are not living in a supporter's residence, that means that you are living separately from the person financially supporting your family and you are paying your own rent. When filing your application, you must submit documentation (such as a copy of your apartment's rental agreement) proving that you commute to school from an abode that is not your supporter's residence. *Students living in Somei-House can substitute the document with the invoice issued in May.
    (*3)If your part-time job is eligible for support under the employment adjustment subsidy and you have been paid a leave allowance by your employer, then this allowance will be considered part-time income.
    (*4)The month, from January 2020 or later, in which your part-time income dropped by a large amount shall be considered "the month" establishing eligibility.
    (*5)Class I, Class II, and Class III refer to income-based assistance categories under the New Higher Education Support System. Below are the specific income criteria.
    Class I: You and the person financially supporting your family are both exempt from municipal tax.
    Class II: The allowance for you and the person financially supporting your family has a total calculated base amount of between 100 yen and 25,599 yen.
    Class III: The allowance for you and the person financially supporting your family has a total calculated base amount of between 25,600 yen and 51,299 yen.

◆Required documents for application

  1. "Application Form for Emergency Student Support Handout"
     Word PDF
  2. "Oath"
     Word PDF
  3. Documentation proving you meet the handout criteria *stated on Form 1 "4. Appended Documentation"

*If there are errors or missing documents, your application might be void.
*If there are any documents you cannot submit by the application deadline, please contact the admin office.

[Note] Those who do not meet the above requirements but are financially difficult to continue to study due to COVID-19 may be eligible for application.

◆How to submit / Application deadline

Please bring application documents to OSIP office (Global Lounge) by 16:00, Wednesday, June 10.
*We accept application documents via email from students who are not able to come to the university.

◆How you can receive handout

The university will submit student's list who are eligible to JASSO by June 19 and JASSO will send money directly to student's bank account. (exact payment date has not been announced)
Even your application is received by the university, it is not guaranteed that you can receive the handout. (there might be a selection process if application amount exceeds the budget allocated to the university)

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