Words from the Concept Administrator

General Manager - Shigaku Tei

It is our great honor that our university has been selected as one of the top-global universities in the MEXT's FY 2014 Top Global University Project for the Creation of Centers of Globalization. Only two public university corporations, including our university, have been selected for this program.
In order to foster innovators with "Spirit, Technology, and Adaptability" meaning "entrepreneurial and challenging spirit, leading-edge ICT technology, and adaptability to foreign cultures," we are committed to discovering students' potential at an early juncture, establishing a harmonized but competitive learning environment with international students, and enhancing internship programs at both domestic and overseas local venture companies. For us to evaluate students' local contribution and global activities, we will institute the "Special Challenger Badge System." These efforts will vitalize students' activities and realize a truly international campus rooted in the region.
So far, most of our alumni have been working in the greater Tokyo area. From now on, however, we must foster students who can and will succeed on the world stage and contribute to Aizu and Fukushima. To attain this goal, we need an environment where Fukushima's industry in ICT fields can be directly connected to world's technological innovation hubs, such as Silicon Valley to produce new global-level products and services. In the coming decade, we will give our utmost efforts to realize this goal.


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