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Overview of the university

University of Aizu students come from across the country !

The majority of current students come from outside Fukushima Prefecture, including overseas. You can earn wider range of perspectives on different cultures and environments from your classmates.

A total area 4.2 times the size of Tokyo Dome !

The campus is 200,000 square-meters large! This extensive, leafy green campus, which could hold the Tokyo Dome more than four times over, is equipped with an extensive range of facilities.

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Learning environment

Around 3,000 computer terminals on campus; 2.5 computers per student !

The University of Aizu is proud of providing one of the highest number of computers among japanese universities, and 24-hour access creates an "ideal computing environment".

Closer faculty-student ties !

The student-faculty ratio at the University of Aizu is 9.5 to 1 (which is lower than the national average; 20.3 to 1*). Since many courses are taught in small classes, faculty members are easily approachable, and students can receive close instruction and guidance.

*Asahi-Shimbun×Kawai-juku, "HIRAKU Japanese Universities", 2015.

International education and research environment

International faculty ratio: Around 40% !

The University of Aizu recruits the finest personnel globally, screening their records in their fields of expertise strictly. As a result, the diversity-rich campus marks approximately 40% in international faculty ratio.

We have joint research with universities overseas, too !

Internationalization of research and education has been focused ever since the university's foundation, and we have concluded exchange agreements with 69 universities and research institutions globally so far.