Eligible Users

Persons who are 18 years or over in age and who wish to utilize the University's library materials for research or learning purposes (High school students are excluded.).
Use of the library just for studying or reading without actual need to use the University's library materials will not be accepted.

Accessible Hours

At any time while the library is open, in principle.
However, use of the library by people outside the University (hereinafer refferred to as "outside users") may not be accepted, depending on circumstances pertaining to education and research at the University, e.g. mid-term/final examinations.

Range of Use

Library services available to outside users are, limited to browsing, borrowing and photocopying of the University's library materials. Inter-library lending and borrowing services are not available. Outside users who need books placed at other libraries should visit relevant libraries or other public libraries. However, locations of books which are not placed at the Library can be searched through our library network system. Users should feel free to speak to library staff for book information.

Entrance to the Library

Upon entering the Library, outside users are requested to come to the Library counter with their identification, e.g. a driver's license, to fill out the form, "Request for permission to read library materials in the library".Please note that without showing their identification, outside users will be declined entry to the Library. For those who do not have user cards, this procedure (showing identification and filling in the form,) is necessary each time they come to the library.
Those who have their user cards are requested to hand them in at the library counter upon entering the library.

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Issuance of User Cards

"User cards" for use as identification for borrowing books will be issued upon request by outside users.

※These files are samples, so you can not submit them.

[Application Eligibility]
Persons who are 18 years or over in age and who live in Fukushima Prefecture (High school students are excluded).
[Application Procedure]
  1. To apply for a user card, submission of identification, e.g. a driver's license, and your photo (3 cm x 3 cm in size taken within three months before application) at the Library counter is necessary.
  2. Fill in the form, "The University of Aizu Library User Card Application Form,"and a user card will be issued at a later date.
  3. User cards shall be valid for one year after issuance.
[Points to Note]
  1. Be sure to hand in the "user card" at the library counter upon entering the Library.
  2. User cards must not be given or lent to any other person.
  3. If any relevant information regarding your user card changes or if it is lost, please notify the University Library.
  4. When the user card expires, it must be immediately returned to the University Library.


Upon completing the procedures to be taken before use of the library, outside users can be given full permission to browse library materials placed at the Library. Please do not hesitate in asking library staff for locations of books, etc.
Please note that outside users are not permitted access to the the closed stacks in the basement. Outside users who need library materials placed in these stacks, please contact library staff. If you need library materials placed in the Donated Materials Room, please contact library staff, too.

Whether the Library has books users are searching for can be checked by phone, fax or through the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC.) Please note that books placed at library lounges of research rooms cannot be used.


Outside users who have user cards can borrow books owned by the Library.

[Borrowing of Library Materials]
Library materials which can be borrowed are limited to books excluding books for reference only, assigned books and books placed at library lounges. The number of books which can be checked out at one time is two, and the lending period is two weeks. Reservations or extension of books borrowed will not be accepted. Books to be checked out must be brought to the library counter.
[Return of Borrowed Library Materials]
Borrowed library materials must be returned to the library counter within the prescribed period without fail.
[Use of the Book Drop]
You use the book drop to return books. Please consider the following items when using the book drop.
  • The book drop is located to the left of the library entrance.
  • The book drop is available only when the library is closed. During library hours, please return books to the library counter.
  • If you return books using the book drop, please return them by the day before the due date.
  • Do not return books that include CDs, DVDs, etc. to the book drop. Please bring them to the counter when the library is open (to prevent the risk of damage).
  • If a book is too large to fit into the book drop, please bring it to the library counter during library hours.
  • Do not return books that you borrowed from other libraries to the UoA book drop.
  • If a book is damaged or defective when you take it out, do not return it to the book drop and please let library staff know at the library counter during library hours.


A coin-oparated copying machine is placed in the Library.
The copying machine is available for black and white copies for 10 yen per sheet, and full-color copies for 50 yen per sheet (80 yen per A3 sheet.) You'll need small change.
To make copies of library-owned materials, please fill in the designated form, "Application Form for Copying Literary Document," placed at the library counter. Only a part of copyrighted work can only be copied once per person requesting photocopying. (Article 31 of the Copyright Law)
Please note that individuals requesting photocopying of relevant library materials shall bear all responsibilities pertaining to copyright issues.

Other Points to Note

  • Use of the Library just for studying in preparation for entrance examinations is not accepted.
  • Eating and smoking are not allowed inside the Library.
  • Except for the Entrance Hall of the First Floor, drinking is not allowed inside the Library.
  • Use of personal computers and cell phones in the Library is forbidden.
  • Keep the library in good order and avoid disturbing other users
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