The building of the affiliated library
Reinforced concrete, 2nd floor high and 1st floor below
Square in total
The capacity
About 175,00 books.
A total of seats
181 seats

First Floor

First Floor of Library
[Main Counter]
You can apply at this counter for circulation of library items, copy and reference services.
[Non-Japanese Book Stacks]
Foreign books are placed in the Library of Congress Classification (LC) method. Also, two terminals are available for material collection searches.
  • [Book series]
    Books published in the series are placed on the shelves by publisher (alphabetical order) along the walls.
  • [Reference books]
    Reference books are stacked on the second and third shelves from the front.
[Newly-arrived Books Corner]
Newly-arrived books are stacked on the front shelves.
[Books in Syllabuses Corner]
Reference books introduced in course syllabuses are stacked.
[Moodle Readers Books Corner]
English books for extensive reading are stacked.Moodle Readers Books are assigned books, so people outside the university can not borrow books of Moole Readers Books Corner.
[Audio-visual Materials Corner]
Audio-visual Materials are stacked on the shelves.
[Emploayment / Learning Support Corner]
Resources to help in Employment / Learning a Qualifying Examination has been shelved.
[Kunii Collection Corner]
About three hundred items donated by Dr. Kunii, the founding president, are available.
[Relaxation Space]
A vending machine selling bottled water is available.Drinking is allowed in this space. Please refrain from eating anything. Be sure to put your drinks in your bag when you leave this Space for Relaxation.
[Browsing Corner]
The Browsing Corner contains new issues of both Japanese and Foreign magazines and journals as well as 10 different Japanese and Foreign newspapers.
[Magazine Racks]
Newly-arrived Japanese magazines and non-Japanese magazines are placed in the Japanese alphabetical order and in the English alphabetical order respectively.
Bulletins and technical reports of the University of Aizu and other universities are available.
[AV Corner]
You can watch audio-visual materials by yourself.
[AV Room]
This corner is available for watching audio-visual materials in a small group
  • Please make enquiries at the counter when you wish to use of the AV Corner or AV Room.

Second Floor

Second Floor of Library
[Japanese Book Stacks]
Japanese books placed according to Nippon Decimal Classification (NDC). Also, two computer terminals are available for material collection searches.
  • [Book series]
    Book published in the series are placed om by subject on the shelves along the walls.
  • [Reference books]
    Reference books are stacked on the front shelves.
[Exhibition Corner]
Much-talked-about books are exhibited.
[Donated Materials Room]
In addition to the Kunii collection of about 1,200 volumes, there are books, most of them are donated materials.
[Reading Area]
The Reading Area contains 117 desks and is located on the southern end of the second floor.
[Private Study Booths]
Equipped with terminals, the booths are available for individual study/research.
[Group Reading Room]
The room, equipped with a terminal unit, a large display, and a whiteboard, is available for study/research in a small group.
[The Corner only for Personal Computers]
4 PCs are available in this corner. Also, you can bring in your own laptop.
  • If you need library materials placed in the Donated Materials Room, please contact library staff.
  • Private Study Booths, the Group Reading Room, and The Corner only for a PC are not available for people out side the university.
  • Use of PC in the Library is allowed only for UoA students, faculty and administrative staff members.Users who want to use PC can use Reading Area on the 2 nd floor, or The Corner only for Personal Computers.


Basement of Library

There are closed stacks in the Library basement. The following library materials are stored in the stacks.

  • Books
  • Back numbers of journals (please use after checking which years are available).
  • The University of Aizu publications
  • Newspapers
  • Audio-Visual Materials

* Please note that outside users are not permitted access to clased stacks in the basement. Outside users who need library materials placed in these stacks, please contact library staff.

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