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Major duties of the Information Processing Center include setting up, maintaining and improving networks, and also maintenance of open source, UNIX workstations, free software including GNU, and commercial software for use in education and research, security against illegal access, comprehensive backup of the academic system and the library system that are key systems at the University of Aizu. The IPC is also active in reexamination of network equipment and workstations every three years, in order to provide the most up-to-date machines.

In order to respond to troubles and inquires more promptly, an IPC annex called System Support Base (SSB) located in the Research Quadrangles deals with troubles and inquiries on hardware and software, serves as a reception for submission of applications for various computer-related items, and lends equipment. The IPC is managed under the policies described below.

[An open architecture, which allows improvement of functions at any time]
Confirming that the University's software, hardware, their components and added structures are capable of handling recent development in technologies.
[International de facto standards]
Simple access to internationally-shared large-scale software resources, as well as capability to share knowledge and research results from our University, internationally accumulated through this system must be realized.
[Network global architecture]
Access to computer resources stored in the ISTC-managed systems from any locations must be possible.

Display of Serial Workstations and Parallel Computers

Serial workstations and parallel computers which were used at Computer Exercise Rooms and Network Management Rooms are displayed in the lobby on the first floor at Administration Complex.The followings are descriptions of the exhibits.

ClassificationsName of the machineCompany
Workstationis S-4/IX Manufactured by FUJITSU LIMITED
GP400S M10
Indigo2 Manufactured by Silicon Graphics, Inc (USA)
NWS-3470 Sony Corporation
Parallel computers GC-1 Parsytec AG (Germany)
Super Parallel Computers CM-5 Thinking Machines Corporation(USA)

Visit of Executives from Sun Microsystems Inc. to the University

On May 24, 2005, Ms. Kim Jones, Vice-president in charge of global education and research of Sun Microsystems, U.S.A, and other staff visited the University.
Sun Microsystems, Inc. is a worldwide enterprise, manufacturing workstations that the University has introduced on a full-scale basis for education and research purposes.
The purpose of their visit to Japan this time was to visit major users of their products in Japan that include The University of Tokyo, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, and The University of Aizu.
Vice President Jones, after the meeting with the University President, attended an informal meeting for exchange of opinions with faculty members of the University, and held active discussions with approximately twenty participants, regarding topics such as efforts made by Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the field of education.

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