On Friday, July 30, a special edition of International Talk was held via Zoom as an activity of Global Lounge. Fifty-six people, including students, faculty members, and staff from the University of Applied Sciences (UAS) Landshut in Germany, participated in the activity.

UAS Landshut* is our prospective partner university, and this time, two students gave presentations. Mr. Sassan Asnaashari introduced his current study of computer science, followed by Mr. Niklas Urchs, who introduced the city of Landshut, local businesses, history, and the university.
After their presentations, there were many questions and answers, so we had a lively exchange with the UAS Landshut students.
For the details of this event, please access the OSIP website.
OSIP https://www.u-aizu.ac.jp/osip/en/index.html > Topics and News

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(Publication date: August 26, 2021)

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