The Zanroo Japan (※1) and University of Aizu has recently signed Memorandum of Understanding to introduce its big data tools for educational purpose.


Zanroo is initially a venture company starting from Thailand since 2008, focusing on the development and innovation of big data technology. It is recently a rapid growing company, and aim to become a world-class solution by trying to solve social big data challenge.


Mr. Miyayauchi Taishiro (in the middle of the figure), from Zanroo Japan, successfully conducted a training session for students from Aizu University on July 25th, 2017; and the training session and technical support are now continued through online channels. The Zanroo big data tools were further demonstrated by the students, who participated the training session, in laboratory to visitors during the Open Campus (summer stage) in University of Aizu on August 11th, 2017.

The partnership between Zanroo Japan and University of Aizu will become a good practice of collaboration between academic and industry.


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