The Tokyo Round of Japan VR Hackathon 2016 (*1) was held at the MONO Coworking Space, in Koto-ku, Tokyo, over the weekend of June 18-19 2016. At this competition, the a team with including a UoA student won three awards.

Under the theme "Japaneseness," participants developed Japan-inspired VR (virtual reality) content lated to Japanese culture, technology, lifestyle and trends.

Japan VR Hackathon 2016 was held at seven domestic sites, with. the total number of participants exceeding 300. The largest competition was held in Tokyo which had more than 200 participants.
Two UoA students participated into this competition. One of them; Mr. Satoshi KAJI was in the Team S.T.J.S. which created "Yamata no Orochi" and won the Neuron Best Award, the Mobile VR Award, and the TECHLAB PAAK Award.

The award-winning works will be demonstrated at the Digital Content EXPO 2016 which will be held at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (*2) from the 17th (Thu) to 20th (Sun) of October, 2016.

Neuron Best Award, Mobile VR Award and TECHLAB PAAK Award
<Details of the Work>
Team: Team S.T.J.S
Member: Mr. Satoshi KAJI (4th year undergraduate), and other 3 members
Work: Yamata no Orochi
Outline of the work: A VR action game. As Susano ono Mikoto, players defeat the Yamata no Orochi; a huge snake, with swords or bows. The Vive head-mounted display (*3)- is used, so players can enjoy an authentic feeling of wielding weapons. After winning the battle against the Yamata no Orochi, players can enjoy a LAN multiplayer battle against a user wearing the Neuron motion capture device (*4) as the last boss.
Comment from Mr. Kaji:
The team consists of three creators and myself. Since the three involved in VR development, we were able to create a very interesting work was created. We've got an offer to exhibit our work in Osaka. I am looking forward to it.

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*1 Japan VR Hackathon 2016
*2 National Museum of Emerring Science and Innovation
*3 Vive
*4 Perception Neuron

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