The 21st EG/VGTC Conference on Visualization (EuroVis 2019) (※1) was held in Porto, Portugal from June 3rd to 7th, 2019. The UoA's Professor Shigeo Takahashi, the Director of Information Systems Division and a member of the Computer Graphics Laboratory(※2), received an Honorable Mention as a coauthor of a paper presented at the conference.

Of 59 papers accepted for the conference, one was selected for the Best Paper award and two were selected for an Honorable Mention, one of which being the paper coauthored by Professor Takahashi.

This conference is well known as one of top conferences in the field of visualization. All of the papers accepted for the conference have been published in a special issue of Computer Graphics Forum(※3), an international scientific journal.

(Left end: Professor Shigeo Takahashi)


< Co-authors>
Kazuyo Mizuno (Yahoo Japan Cooperation)
Hsiang-Yun Wu (TU Wien)
Takeo Igarashi  (The University of Tokyo)

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