A team of six undergraduate students of the University of Aizu, represented by Mr. TANIKAWA Naoya (2nd year), has been selected as one of the teams of entrepreneurs to launch a new business in the Tohoku Growth Accelerator (TGA), a Sendai City program that supports the growth of start-ups and companies taking on new business challenges.
Business description: Internet-based service that plans optimal travel for users.

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<Team Members>
TANIKAWA Naoya (2nd year student)
TAKAMUNE Yuto (1st year student)
TOMIYAMA Yuta (4th year student)
HOSHINO Yusui (3rd year student)
OMOTO Yoshiki (3rd year student)
TAKAHASHI Hikaru (3rd year student)

It seems that they are close to realizing their dream of launching a new business with the ideas they have generated.
Please keep an eye on their activities in the future!

Mr. TANIKAWA is a participant of the University of Aizu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program (ISEP).

Tohoku Growth Accelerator (TGA)" (Japanese text only)
Sendai City and Makoto Capital Co., Ltd. launched a program to foster entrepreneurs working in Tohoku on October 15.

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