On Thursday, March 10 and Friday, March 11, the Top Global University Symposium, titled "Creating ICT innovators and e ntrepreneurs who can and will succeed on the world stage," was held at the University of Aizu.

The purpose of this event was exchanging opinions from a global viewpoint towards creating globally-minded talents with strong computers skills. Leaders from other universities selected for the TGU program, venture companies, and universities overseas (Dr. Liu Jiren, Chairman and CEO of Neusoft, President Wen Tao, Neusoft Institute of Information, and Dr. Ray Chen San Jose State University, Dept Chair, Electrical Engineering) were invited.

On the first day, lectures were given on the theme of issues and challenges for cultivation of ICT human resources , seeking qualifications required for specialists who can work on a world scale . In addition to the lectures , reports were also provided on the initiatives being implemented at four universities selected for the Top Global University Program; Shibaura Institute of Technology, Toyohashi University of Technology, Nagaoka University of Technology, and the University of Aizu. At the end of the day, a panel discussion on "Issues and Challenges for the Cultivation of ICT Human Resources" was held.

On the second day, lectures on the globalization of venture business and university-business collaboration were held. Marking the fifth anniversary of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, a video of scenes of the disaster was shown, which was followed by a minute of silence.
To conclude the two-day event, a panel discussion titled "International ICT Collaboration Through the Tri-Party University Alliance (*)" was held.

Day One was held at the Lecture Theater

Day Two was held at the LICTiA conference space

* Tri-Party" refers to Neusoft Institute of Information, San Jose State University and the University of Aizu

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