Over the weekend of October 8-9, 2016, the University of Aizu campus festival "Sosho sai" was held. This year, various events were held to promote communication between the university and the local community.

Student clubs ran food stalls where they sold an abundant lineup of snacks such as fried chicken, yakisoba, wieners on a stick, crepes, churros, and pork miso soup. "Team Nakagoya" was selling Minami-Aizu produce including vegetables and edible wild plants. SAISUA (*1) offered authentic Sri Lankan curry.

The festival featured a number of fun events. These included a speed-eating contest, wasabi roulette, a taiko drum performance, a flea market, an exhibition of games and illustrations created by student groups, a talk show presented by voice actress Minami Tsuda, and a performance by the Kitakata-City local idol group "KIRA☆GIRLS".

The Open Campus 2016 Fall Stage, where people can experience the research conducted at the University of Aizu, was also bustling with people. Many participants enjoyed demonstrations of drones and "Aigamo" weeding robots, experiencing motion capture, demonstrations of image processing and stereophonic sound, and introduction of mother countries by each international students, etc. Participants in the stamp rally loved the acrylic key chains and other gifts they received, which were made with the laser cutters at the "Geek Dojo" (*2) that opened in August.
Unfortunately, it rained both days. Although some of the planned events were canceled, many people attended the festival, which bustled with vibrant energy until the end of the fireworks display finale.

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*2 News: The Opening Ceremony of Aizu Geek Dojo Held

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