On Sunday, November 12, 2017, the Sendai CTF 2017 (※1) was held at the Sendai City Support Center in Miyagi Prefecture. UoA third-year undergraduate Seiya KOBAYASHI (affiliated with the Prof. Toshiaki MIYAZAKI's lab (※2) ) won the second place in the competition. It consists of the security study session for learning about information security skills which are necessary for minimizing the damage caused by cyber-attacks, and the cyber security competition (CTF) where participants compete in their technical abilities.





<Comments from Mr. Kobayashi>
This is the first holding of the Sendai CTF competition. It was very precious experience, joining an off-line CTF event which is quite rare in Tohoku region.
Following a lecture about computer forensics (※3) in the morning, the competition was held in an exercise style, in which the application part of the lecture was involved. This event was interesting since some reality-based questions were given from the categories like log analysis, forensics, malware analysis, and web.
Such event serves me as an opportunity to attest my abilities, so it was good to try. If there will be the second holding, I want to join it as well.


  • ※1 Sendai CTF 2017
    CTF: Capture the Flag (In the computer security field, it represents a competition on the technical skills for information security)
  • ※2 Professor Toshiaki MIYAZAKI's lab
  • ※3 Computer Forensics: Scientific investigations to collect the evidence of crime, etc. by gathering and analyzing the log remained in computers and other digital media.

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