On Thursday, March 17, 2016, the SAISUA (The Support Association for International Students of the University of Aizu *1) scholarship presentation ceremony was held at the South Lounge of the Research Quadrangles. SAISUA provides scholarships for international students to help them concentrate on their studies. Inviting applications every six months SAISUA selects. International students in need of financial support and demonstrating superior academic performance are selected as recipients of this scholarship.

SAISUA President Rockell (*2) explained the purpose of the scholarship and encouraged the three scholarship recipients to use the scholarship effectively to further concentrate on their studies. Further, he asked for the recipients' help for school events such as the campus festival.
After that, the three students received their scholarships.

The scholarship recipients are as follows.
Khanh Dang Nam (2nd-year master's student, from Vietnam):
I really appreciate being a recipient this time. This will enable me to concentrate on my studies more than ever. I am ready to actively help various events, etc.

Jeng Yung Chen (1st-year master's student, from Taiwan):
Of course I will devote myself to studying more than ever. Since I'm very interested in Japan, I especially would like to make an effort to master Japanese.

Hiruni Madhusha (1st-year master's student, from Sri Lanka):
I honored to be a recipient. Now I have an environment in which I can concentrate on my studies more than ever before. I am truly grateful.


These three recipients will actively participate in events organized by SAISUA and the Office for Strategy of the International Programs and in community activities.

*2 Kim Rockell

Responsibility for the wording of this article lies with Planning and Collaboration Division

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