"University of Aizu Robotics Symposium" took place on Saturday, July 9, 2016.

The University of Aizu was selected for "The University-Industry Robotics Development Support Subsidy" by Fukushima prefecture. In response, the UoA has been collaborating with companies and research institutes in and out of the prefecture on the research and development of disaster-response robots, etc. as part of our "University of Aizu Robot Valley Promotion Project" for three years since FY2015. This project aims at contribution to the reconstruction and recovery of Fukushima prefecture from the Great East Japan Earthquake and nuclear disaster, by leveraging our strengths as an ICT specialist university to conduct technical support for the development of robots. At the symposium, we presented the achievements of the project in FY2015, the first year of the project.

At the symposium, we had slide-show presentations on each research project, followed by demonstrations. In spite of the rainy weather, there were approximately 140 participants who conducted active exchanges between industry and university.







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