Over the weekend of December 12 to 13, "Rakkathon in Tokyo, the 1st Rakuten App Ichiba Game Jam (*1)" organized by Rakuten App Ichiba (*2) was held at Rakuten Crimson House (Rakuten's new building).
As a programmer, Satoshi Kaji (UoA 3rd year Student (*3) joined a team Candy Shake to create a game "SAVE the EARTH" and won the Grand Prize.

Game Jam is a game creation event for game developers. Participants form teams and create a game during the event. At the final presentation, each team demonstrates the game they create.


Game Name: SAVE the EARTH
Outline: In this game, players protect the Earth from meteorites and enemies by using various "weapons of the Earth." Defeated enemies drop rare metals, which players use to buy and strengthen weapons. At the development stage, weapons are Mt. Fuji, Moai statues, Pyramids, and Statue of Liberty (Other weapons will be added in the future). The release schedule of this game is to be determined. candyshake02.jpg
Screenshot of "SAVE the EARTH"

Comment from Mr. Kaji:
This event was the first Game Jam organized by Rakuten Inc., so I aimed at the Grand Prize! There were two designers and two programmers in our team, and for two days we put all of our efforts into planning and creating game.
Although it was short time, we created a high quality game. However, we didn't have an enough time to adjust the level design and difficulty level, so I regret that I still can't say our game is very fun yet. I will plan to continue producing the game.



*1 Rakkathon in Tokyo, the 1st Rakuten App Ichiba Game Jam
*2 Rakuten App Ichiba: an app store for Android devices opened on August, 2015 by Rakuten.
*3 Past news featuring Satoshi Kaji: UoA team win grand prize at "Disaster Mitigation Hackathon" organized by Tohoku University

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