The University of Aizu has been granted a patent for a technology invented by Prof.Julian Villegas and Prof.Anh T. Pham.

A patent has been granted for an indoor navigation system using near-ultrasound signals invented by Prof.Julian Villegas and Prof.Anh T. Pham of the University of Aizu.
Please see the demonstration on YouTube for reference.

patent 002.jpg

Title of the invention : The indoor location system, portable terminal, and computer program.
Inventor : Julián Villegas (Computer Arts Laboratory)(※1)
     Anh T. Pham (Computer Communications Lab)(※2)
Filing date : August. 25, 2017[Application number] 2017-162242
Registration date : November. 5, 2021[Patent number] Japanese Patent No. 6971467
Link to patent :

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