This is to notify you that a university administrative staff member was confirmed to be infected with COVID-19.

As it was confirmed that the infected individual has no in-person contact with students and faculty members,
educational activities including in-person classes as well as research activities will be continued.

1.Infected individual:
 Female administrative staff member in her 50s residing in Kitakata City
2.Actions before infection was confirmed
 Saturday, April 10: The individual developed a fever but had no other symptoms.
 Sunday, April 11:  The individual visited a medical institution in Kitakata City,
           for which the sample was collected.
 Monday, April 12:  The PCR test returned a positive result.
3.Current status:
 The individual is currently hospitalized.
No individuals on campus seem to fall under the definition of close contact with the individual.
4.Response by the university
We immediately took steps including disinfecting the office on the first floor of the Administrative
Complex where the individual works following instructions from the public health department.
Operations on the first floor of the Administrative Complex are suspended until its safety is confirmed.

As there has been no confirmed contact with students or faculty, we will continue to conduct classes and other educational and research activities.

We would like to apologize for any concern this may cause to the local community. We will continue our efforts to prevent the spread of this infectious disease by issuing new warnings.

We ask for your understanding and consideration regarding respect for the human rights of the infected individual
and their family as well as the protection of their personal information.

Responsibility for the wording of this article lies with Planning and Collaboration Division

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