April 3, 2020

Dear all students of the University of Aizu

President of the University of Aizu

Starting date of the first quarter in AY2020

The first quarter of the University of Aizu will begin on April 7. However, considering the situation of the spread of new coronavirus infections worldwide and nationwide, our university is currently discussing the feasibility of distance learning to ensure the health and safety of the students.
In case of the classroom setting, we will take some countermeasures against infectious diseases such as cough etiquette, as changing assigned classrooms into those with bigger capacity, opening doors and windows, and placing sanitizer for desks and keyboards, etc. in the exercise rooms to prevent the "Three Cs' overlapping": 1. Closed spaces: 2. Crowded Spaces: 3. Close-contact settings.
Based on the all the consideration, each course will be held after taking countermeasures against infectious diseases in accordance with the settings of each subject, and the preparation and test period for such a setting will be taking place approximately in the next two weeks.

Class will begin sequentially for each subjects as soon as infection prevention countermeasures are completed. Students should stay in Aizu area and attend/participate in classes after you confirm the starting dates.

Currently, Aizu region in Fukushima prefecture, where the University of Aizu is located, has not been identified the person who is infected by the new coronavirus. To ensure everyone's health and safety, please stay in the Aizu area and prepare for the start of the classes.

We apologize for causing you anxiety and concern about the starting date of the class. However, it is necessary to prevent spread of new corona virus and ensure students, faculty, and staff members' health and safety. Your cooperation is essential.
- Even if there is no special testing period for taking countermeasures in advance, the regular examinations (e.g. mid-term or final examination) are scheduled in the same period as the other courses.. Please note that the academic calendar will be changed due to those actions.

Responsibility for the wording of this article lies with Student Affairs Division

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