In order to let many people know about the University of Aizu (UoA)'s attractiveness and global environments, Ms. Taeko Yoshii (undergrad 3rd year) and Ms. Kimika Kashimoto (undergrad 2nd year) made a video of interview with UoA students and faculty and staff members. You can get a sense of the unique characteristics of the University of Aizu that the school brochure cannot convey. We hope you get more familiar with our university.



Ms. Yoshii said, "Three years have passed so quickly, I was able to meet a variety of interesting people and broaden my perspectives. I hope you can feel the attractiveness of the University with this video."

Ms. Kashimoto also said, "What surprised me when I entered this university was that I was surrounded by very friendly students, faculty and staff members. I would like to use ICT technology to play an active role in various situation in the future. I hope you can enjoy the real voice of students, faculty and staff members that will reach to the world"

We have prepared the subtitles for many people to watch this movie, please set the subtitles to "English (United States)" in the "Setting" of YouTube function.

(※) YouTube UoA channel

(※) Center for Globalization - University of Aizu

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