Dear Students

[Notification and Reminder] Closure of the University due to the Declaration of a Nationwide State of Emergency

○ The UoA is closed until May 6, 2020. All courses are canceled except those provided remotely. Make sure to check emails from instructors.

○ The online courses can be taken by students residing overseas.

○ Principally, students are prohibited to enter the university campus. (except those don't have access to remote courses at home and require support from the university for using the exercise rooms alternatively.

○ In line with the Declaration of a Nationwide State of Emergency preventing spread of the infection due to mass traveling during the Golden Week, refrain from nonessential outings, especially traveling outside Fukushima Prefecture.

Period of the UoA closure: Tuesday, April 21 to Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Chairperson of the Board of Executives,
The Public University Corporation, the University of Aizu

Health and Welfare Services Section, Student Affairs Division
Tel: 0242-37-2515

Responsibility for the wording of this article lies with Student Affairs Division

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