Dear all students (undergraduate and graduate)

                        Director General of the Student Affairs Division

       Precaution against COVID-19 and fill in the health check sheet

In order to prevent being infected by COVID-19 and spreading the disease, it is vital that each and every
university faculty member, staff member, and students take the appropriate actions and cooperation.
Please thoroughly review the following points of caution and always keep them in mind when you act.

[Points of Caution]
○ Make sure to thoroughly implement basic infection prevention measures such as hand washing
and cough etiquette.
○ Avoid situations in which any of the following three conditions overlap, as this can increase your
risk of infection.
① Closed spaces with poor ventilation
② Dense crowds of people
③ Close contact with others (e.g. talking at a distance of less than ~2 meters)
○ Please avoid from participating in the events attended by large numbers of people from around the country
as this increases the risk of rapidly spreading the disease.
○ Stay at home and rest when you have cold like symptoms such as fever
(This will be handled as an excused absence for students.)
○ Keep your immune system strong by getting sufficient sleep, an appropriate level of exercise, and eating
a well-balanced diet. Keep hours that are aligned with your biological clock.
Engage in stress management to prevent the buildup of stress. Do not accumulate stress.

[Recording of health conditions and activity]
Starting AY2020, you are required to record and confirm the health conditions and activity records
of all students from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of infection with the COVID-19.
For the time being, please fill in the attached document as "Health check sheet".
(* Since the temperature measurement is asked in the item, please prepare a thermometer).

[Health Check Sheet]

The situation of the COVID-19 is changing every day, and the important information from university will be
provided via university website, forum faction of academic administration web system, or school email.
Please check them once a day.

Student Health and Welfare Services Section,
Student Affairs Division, The University of Aizu
TEL: 0242-37-2515

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