The 14th Annual All-Japan High School Computing Contest "PC Koshien 2016" was held at the University of Aizu over the weekend of November 12-13, 2016. This year's qualifying round saw 1,758 individuals from 672 teams apply. From among those teams, the top 72 individuals from 32 teams competed in this year's main competition.

This year's Programming Division Finals had 48 contestants from 24 teams. In the competition, contestants have four hours to create programs to answer questions of varying difficulty levels, and the team with the most points wins. Team IQ19 from Kaisei Senior High School won this year's Grand Prize, which got all score at once in the middle of the contest. The audience was wowed in the moment the team IQ19 earned massive score.


pck201602.jpg pck201603.jpg
Scenes from the competition (left), This year's winner team "IQ19" (right)

Eight teams of 22 contestants participated in the Mobile Division. Creating Android applications based on this year's theme of "family," the teams competed through presentations and demonstration sessions. Each team gave inventive presentations and conveyed the function and the appeal of their application.

The app "Clear-up!" by the National Institute of Technology Suzuka College was unanimously awarded this year's Grand Prize for its excellence in idea, completeness and design. Especially, the team was highly praised for using image analysis. Osaka Yodogawa Technology High School won the Best Idea Prize for their app "Instantaneous Link" which received high praise for their simple and easy-to-understand presentation. Okinawa National College of Technology won the Best Design Prize for their application "Fami-Koko" which grabbed the attention for its sophistication and warmth of design.

pck201604.jpg pck201605.jpg
Unique dog robot by the team 'Try" sa" il (left), Members of winning team HKT4.8 showing their delight (right)

Prize Team Application Overview School Prefecture
Grand Prizee HKT 4.8 Clear-up! Reminds family members through the indoor robot when the room got messy. Tracking function on specific object's location is mounted ational Institute of Technology, Suzuka College Mie
Best Idea Prize Try" sa" il Instantaneous Link Notifies family members of safety confirmation by one application button or by robot Osaka Yodogawa Technology High School Osaka
Best Design Prize Pumpkin Tarte Fami-Koko Informs location of family members by beacon. Reminding function of feeding pet is mounted Okinawa National College of Technology Okinawa

Over the two-day event, there were a display of the award-winning works from the One Image CG Division and the PC Koshien International High School Division, AVR experience corner which was newly introduced from this year, a corner for demonstrations of original games created by the UoA Planning and Development Club, a corner for trying out the latest smartphones and other items provided by the event's sponsors, free servings of Aizu local cuisine "Kozuyu" from Yamagiwa Shokusai Kobo, booths by the event sponsors, a corner for painting okiagari-koboshi dolls, and a drawing to win local Aizu products.

The winning works from the One Image CG Division and details on competition are available on the PC Koshien website.


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