On Friday, February 12, 2016, at the Aizu-Keiko-Do, Shougai-Gakushu Sogou Center, Aizu-Wakamatsu City, award ceremony of the FY2015 Aizu-Wakamatsu City Open Data Contest was commenced. In Aizu-Wakamatsu City, aiming at improvement of transparency and reliability of governance and regional revitalization, they are working on open data since FY2012. This contest is for inviting and awarding wide range of applications and ideas. UoA students were honored as below;

[Excellent Award]
SASUKENE (Application service category)
Team Sannaki,
Mr. Shunsuke SAKURAI; 1st year undergardate: "I am relieved that we were able to mark a stopping point to this "Sasukene" project with this award. At the same time, this award motivated me to continue developing the program and implementing the remaining planned features. We were able to win such an honorable award thanks to the efforts of my team members. What I gained from this contest is not the award itself, it was what I was able to achieve working on this team. This matchup, which all began with a hackathon, has been greatly inspiring."
Mr. Yusuke HANADA; 3rd year undergraduate: "I developed this service because I was dissatisfied with the level of snow removal on sidewalks. Currently, a trial operation in Aizubange Town has started for children who cannot use the sidewalk when they walk to school because of the snow. I am very glad to receive such a wonderful award as a result of this sort of activity."
Ms. Harumi AKIYAMA; Staff of the UoA Revitalization Center, etc. :"Sannaki", the team that developed "Sasukene", was formed at the Mashup Awards Hackathon held this summer in Aizu
Our team members are not only from Aizu, but also from several parts of Japan.

We couldn't receive this achievement without each individual's high motivation. We are now testing "Sasukene" in the Aizu region. I appreciate this award and would like to support the future development of "Sasukene."
Application for visualizing amount of snowfall simply upon receiving a phone call even from elderlies and children.

[Category Award]
AIZUNAVI (Application service category)
Mr. Naoto NISHIKAWA; 3rd year undergraduate: "I am very glad to have won the Division Prize. There were many difficulties along the way, but I was able to grow because of them. I would like to try my best again next year, too."
Application for mapping lovely places in Aizu-Wakamatsu city for the use of voice guidance and route guidance.

[Encouragement Award]
Let's all in Aizu start walking - Alqitus. (Idea category)
Mr. Taku Nagasaka; 1st year Master's: "Although the award I won was the Encouragement Award, I am happy to have achieved this result. While the plan I suggested is still in the trial stages, this award has encouraged me to do my best towards putting it into practical use."
Aiming at being healthy by walking lively in Aizu, this application is for creating/registering/ sharing routes for walking.


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