The University of Aizu Promotion Office for Super Global University(※1) publishes a newspaper four times a year to report on the Top Global University Promotion Project and students.
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No. 26 AIZU SGU KAWARABAN's main topics are as follows.
<Global Lounge & Aizu Geek Dojo Online Activities>
Extracurricular activities organized by students are active online.

<Promotion of Globalization on Campus>
Introduce our initiatives to create a global environment where international students can live comfortably and Japanese students can be exposed to more English every day.

<Online Study-Abroad Fair was Held>
The study-abroad fair was held online to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

<Innovation & Start-up Education Program Newly Launched>
Through the program, we are aiming to foster "World-class innovative and entrepreneurial talent" in the Top Global University Project.

<Advanced ICT Global Program Enrollment for AY2020 Fall Admission>

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(※1) The Promotion Office for Top Global University Website

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