On Saturday, August 20 and Sunday, August 21, the Mashup Awards #12 (*1) Regional Contest was held at the UoA Lecture Hall. Teams of UoA students and faculty members participated in the contest. From among them, team "spiritual DB" won an award and the privilege to participate in the semifinal contest scheduled for December. Another UoA team, "United States of Aizu," won the Mayor's award.

The Mashup Awards (MA), which started in 2006, is a contest with a rich history and a long list of achievements. The contest is a hackathon-type competition where developers show off their techniques, designs, and ideas through the web sites, smartphone applications, etc. they have developed. The contest is a place where around 500 applications produced by leading developers gather every year, and participants propose their idea for the future of the web and the internet. UoA students have participated in past contests and have won prizes.

The theme for the regional contest was "Plan for Aizu Wakamatsu to Go Independent ? Let Aizu go independent with the power of ICT." Works expected for this regional contest were something like those which "would make Aizu independent to be the center of the world," "would spread from Aizu and make Aizu globally viable," or "would make people in Aizu be proud of their local community."

Highest award
Team: "spiritual DB"
Members: Taisei Igarashi, Yuta Sakaguchi, Satoshi Kaji (all 4th-year undergraduates) and Assistant Professor Yasushi Fujii (*2)
Name of the work: SPR COIN
Outline of the work: This regional virtual currency application turns t rust into coins. They are aiming to make the coins local currency through the experiments at events.


Mayor's Award
Team: United States of Aizu
Members: Mitsuhiro Natsume (1st-year undergraduate),Takanori Watanabe (2nd-year undergraduate) Tatsuki Murasato (1st-year undergraduate), and Keiji Yahata (Eyes, JAPAN)
Name of the work: KING BEKO
Outline of the work: KING BEKO is an administrative AI for the Aizu Wakamatsu City government that answers administrative questions. It is capable of:
- Talking to individual citizens (If you ask a question via web API, it answer the question.)
- Answering questions regarding municipal work of Aizu Wakamatsu City (Having learned data on the Aizu Wakamatsu City home page, KING BEKO can answer questions on the information on the home page.)
- Making comprehensive judgments regarding administrative policies based on statistical data (Having learned open data regarding Aizu Wakamatsu city, KING BEKO can tell you about changes of the statistical data.

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*1 Mashup Awards official website
*2 Associate Professor Yasushi Fujii

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