A group of five students (represented by 1st-year master's student Kazuya ANAZAWA) from the laboratory of Professor Toshiaki MIYAZAKI (*1) and Associate Professor Peng LI (*2) won the Best Student Project Award "First Prize" at the IEEE ComSoc Student Competition 2016 (*3).

The research results for which they received the prize was their paper "RIM: Resilient Information Management System in Network-Isolated Environment after Disasters." This paper detailed the Resilient Information Management System they helped to create as part of the government's cross-ministerial strategic innovation promotion program.

An RIM system provides an environment for users to share information using smartphones and tablet computers during a disaster when the internet and cellular service is not available.

The award ceremony was held at the international Globecom2016 conference held from December 4-8 (Sunday to Thursday) in Washington, DC in the United States.

Comment from team representative Kazuya Anazawa: "Winning this amazing award was incredibly gratifying for all of us. We hope the encouragement it has provided to help us work hard to perfect the system for practical use as soon as possible.


Left to right: Yasuyuki Maruyama (3rd-year undergraduate), Hibiki Osawa (3rd-year undergraduate), Kazuya Anazawa (1st-year master's student), Yuto Ouchi (3rd-year undergraduate), Yusuke Igarashi (1st-year master's student)"

*1 Prof. Toshiaki MIYAZAKI
*2 Associate Prof. Peng LI
*3 2016 IEEE ComSoc Student Competition 2016 Winners

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