Tuesday, March 17, 2015, the workshop of the collaboration research on development of rice-field monitoring system was held in UoA. This research group consists of Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency; JAXA, Tsuruoka National College of Technology, Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan; RESTEC, and UoA.

This collaboration research aims at developing a system which features data acquisition and analysis for monitoring the status of rice growth efficiently. Consistent automatic quantity measurements, data acquisitions, considerations on analysis methods, assessments of amount of biomass, etc. have been processed by installing monitoring system in the rice fields site of the Faculty of Agriculture, Yamagata University, Tsuruoka city, Yamagata prefecture and some in Sakata city.

In the future, the acquired data in the sites will be utilized as a "ground truth" (*1) in realization of rice field monitoring in Asia and prediction of amount and period of rice harvest by employing observation data from the advanced land observing satellite "DAICHI-2" (ALOS *2) which was launched in May, 2014. This research vision will be implemented during the three fiscal years starting from 2014 to 2016.

This workshop was carried out for presenting the progress report of this fiscal year and clarification of research issues, confirmation of study processes and matters, etc. for next fiscal year. The nine attendees included the one who enrolls the graduate school of UoA after graduating from the Advanced Courses, Tsuruoka National College of Technology, and the other one joined via video conference system.

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*1 Ground Truth (Wikipedia)
*2 "DAICHI-2" (ALOS-2)

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