"International Space Apps Challenge in Aizu (ISAC in Aizu) 2015", a space-themed hackathon, was held at Cloud Camp in Minami-Aizu Town on April 11 and 12, 2015. The event was hosted by UoA's ARC-Space(*1) and co-hosted by UoA's UBIC (*2), and TheDesignium Inc (*3),.

ISAC is one of the world's biggest hackathons (*4), with 12,000 people participating at 147 venues all over the world . Including Aizu, the event was held at five venues in Japan. Around 20 people including UoA students attended the event at the venue in Aizu.

The participants were divided into five teams and worked around the clock on the development of space-related software and hardware utilizing satellite data for two days.

Judges including UoA faculty members screened the presentations, which were given in the afternoon on the 2nd day.

Ranking Project Overview
1 Genesis (a combined team of UoA students and working people) Game-style software which combines the Myo gesture control armband and Oculus Rift virtual reality device to enable users to explore the solar system with a space probe.
2 Levitation-stone (a team of UoA students) A system based on public satellite orbital data which uses lights to inform users of when satellites can be seen.
People's Choice
(vote by the participants)
CaseMap (a combined team of UoA students and working people) A service which automatically recommends sightseeing spots according to weather conditions.

These three nominated projects will be screened by the Global Award that selects the best project from among projects nominated by each of the countries.

isacaizu201501.jpg isacaizu201502.jpg
Scene of the presentation

isacaizu201503.jpg isacaizu201504.jpg
Scene of the presentation (Left), Group photo (Right)

*1 ARC-Space
*3 The Designium
*4 Space App Map

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