On Monday, August 19, 2013, the University of Aizu released "iRodin", an iOS application, for sale at AppStore. This application will be used for measurement of an inclined angle of a seated person's head. For our university, this is the first time to sell an iOS application. Aizu Laboratory, Inc. will sell this product on a consignment basis.

What is "iRodin"?

iRodin is an application to measure a person's head posture when seating on a chair, a recliner, a bed, and etc. iRodin can measure the inclination angle of the head based on the definitions in ISO16840-1, just by putting the device over the forehead and one side of the head as shown in the operation instruction,. This iOS application is mainly for measuring sitting posture angles in a living environment. It was developed by the student, Mr.Aita, in University of Aizu, and was awarded as the best prize in Aizu IT Technology Accreditation Fair in 2012.

The functions of "iRodin" includes:

  • It measures a person's head posture by calculating the seated person's "front", "horizon," and "sagittal" angles according to the direction of gravity.
  • When you put your device on the forehead as shown in the operation instruction, it measures the left-right inclination angle on the "frontal plane" and the rolling angle on the "horizontal plane."
  • Similarly, it can measure the inclination angle on the "sagittal plane", when you put it on one side of the head as shown in the operation instruction.
  • Finally, measured data can be saved as a cvs file and sent to you via e-mail.

Sales price

The sales price at AppStore Japan is 120 yen. (Japan only)

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