13 UoA students (including five international students) attended the "Bus Tour to Visit Innovative Companies in Fukushima Robot Test Field" event organized by the Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework Promotion Organization (※1) on Tuesday, September 29, 2020.
The event was held at the Fukushima Robot Test Field (※2) in Minamisoma City. It featured an explanation of the Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework and a tour of the facility in the morning as well as presentations and demonstrations by MELTIN MMI (※3), Mitsufuji Corporation (※4), and East Japan Accounting Center Co., Ltd. (※5) in the afternoon.
The event was a viable opportunity for attendees to learn about the recovery of Fukushima Prefecture's Hamadori region and to experience the latest technology. The event also featured a roundtable discussion during which there were active exchanges of ideas.





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