On Wednesday, March 29, 2017, the top performing students for Academic Year 2016 were awarded certificates. The University of Aizu utilizes a Grade Point Average (GPA) system, and the top three performers from the undergraduate school are awarded. GPA is an internationally recognized standard for university grades, and a student's GPA is a major factor in landing a job, getting in to graduate school, and for studying abroad. (*1)

At the award ceremony, President Oka handed award certificates and book cards (gift certificate for books) to the top performing students. The awardees are listed below. The top performers amongst 4th-year students were awarded with the President's Award and Awards of Excellence at the degree conferment ceremony. (*2)

1 Yuka Sakai Aki Nakamura Daiya Kowata
2 Yohei Shimmyo Tatsuya Ona Takato Iida
3 Koji Sato Kyosuke Nihei Ryo Ota



*1 Examinations and Assessment of Academic Performance
*2 Degree Conferment Ceremony for Academic Year 2016 Held

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