On Friday, September 16, 2016, the Degree Conferment Ceremony and Doctoral Dissertation Presentations for Fall AY2016 were held. 25 individuals, including 13 from the Computer Science and Engineering Master's Program, three from the Doctoral Program, and eight from the Undergraduate School of Computer Science and Engineering received degrees.

At the conferment ceremony, University President Ryuichi Oka used his address to encourage the newly-minted graduates, "IT and the business related to it are changing rapidly, and it is the speed of this change that brings vitality to the IT industry. I would like each of you to take on these modern times by looking back at the history of each technology and fully understanding what about it is new, and what already existed."

As the representative of the fall graduates, Doctoral Student Yujie Li expressed her gratitude and plans for the future, stating "I personally found my stay in Aizu was one of the most exciting periods of my life. We truly couldn't succeed without the wise guidance of our university professors."

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Ahead of the degree conferment ceremony, the Fall 2016 Doctoral Dissertation Presentations were conducted by four doctoral program graduates on Friday, September 9.


YUI, Hiroaki Efficient Algorithms for Graph Partitioning and Back Propagation in Numerical Applications
HUANG, Huawei Cost-Efficient Rule Management and Traffic Engineering for Software-Defined Networks
LI, Yujie Dictionary learning algorithms for sparse representation of signal with the analysis model
WU, Yilang A Support Platform for Collaborative Workflow based on Seamless Repository

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