On Wednesday, March 1, 2017, the IT Engineer Student Hunting Festival in Aizu was held in the second-floor conference room of LICTiA at UoA. Instead of having multiple students go to the companies, this new type of job fair has hiring managers from companies go to the students for one-on-one interviews, hence the name "student hunting."

Eighteen UoA undergraduate/graduate students and twelve employees from IT companies attended the event. Each student used a laptop or tablet computer to give a presentation on themselves at their own desk while interviewing with the corporate recruiters. The event included six interview periods of about 25 minutes each, with a ten minute interval in between. The students did very best to emphasize their strengths, what they have learnt in the university, and what they want to work on in the future in the limited time available. It turned out to be a fruitful event for both the students and the companies.

Comments from students who participated:

  • AKIYAMA (First-year Master's student): I could successfully draw the interest of every corporate personnel I talked with, by my past research, experience and profile. It was my first time to discover that my experience is something unique for them.
  • MORI (Third-year undergraduate): This is a perfect opportunity to talk thoroughly and closely with personnel from various companies. It was a precious experience that I could never have in a job fair.
  • SUZUKI (Third-year undergraduate): "Student hunting" is a unique approach. It was very enjoyable.

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