On March 18, 2016 (Fri), the degree conferment ceremony for AY2015 was held at the University of Aizu auditorium. 268 individuals, including 212 students graduating from the Undergraduate School of Computer Science and Engineering, 53 students completing the Master's Program, two students completing the Doctoral program, and one individual receiving a Dissertation PhD (Ronpaku), were conferred with degrees that will help them contribute to society in their own way.

At the conferment ceremony, University President Ryuichi Oka conferred diplomas to Undergraduate Representative Satoshi Watanabe, Master's Program Representative Kazuki Murakami, to each of the students completing the Doctoral program, and to the individual receiving a Dissertation PhD (Ronpaku) degree. In his address, President Oka spoke that "Regardless of the path you choose, you are certain to experience great struggle in the near future. How you make it through this struggle will determine how much you will grow. I have great expectations that each of you will participate and contribute to Japan's recovery as specialists in IT. Good luck to all of you in your future endeavors."

Following congratulatory addresses by the Governor of Fukushima and Aizuwakamatsu City Mayor, current students who have shown superior academic performance and research results were presented with awards. In his reply address, Undergraduate Representative Hayato Shiozawa stated "I am truly grateful for having been able to study at the University of Aizu. The value of what I was taught by my professors, and the things that I gained from my unique friends while I was as enrolled here simply cannot be overestimated. Those of us graduating from the University of Aizu today hold this accomplishment dear in our hearts as we resolve ourselves to walk the paths we have chosen. It is my intention to strive forward each day toward becoming an individual capable of contributing to regional and international society through the things I have learned here."

After the conferment ceremony, commemorative photos were taken, diplomas were presented to each student, and a UoA Supporters Association-sponsored Graduation Party was held at the UoA cafeteria. At this party, which symbolizes the end of student life for most of these students, participants enjoyed pleasant conversation and taking commemorative photos.

Students who were commended are as listed below:

President's Award Watanabe, Satoshi (Undergraduate School)
Murakami, Kazuki (Master's Program)
Award of Excellence Mima, Hisayuki (Undergraduate School)
Shiozawa, Hayato (Undergraduate School)
Togashi, Naohiro (Master's Program)
The award from Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers, Tohoku Division Kobayashi, Masaya (Undergraduate School)
"Encouragement Award" from Information Processing Society of Japan, Tohoku Division Miura, Yuto (Undergraduate School)
The award from the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan, Tohoku Division Yoshimi, Kazumasa (Undergraduate School)
The award from Aizu Area Foundation for the Promotion of Education and Science Muto, Daiki (Undergraduate School)

Satoshi Watanabe receiving his diploma

Hayato Shiozawa giving his reply address

Students to commemorate shooting

Conferment of individual diplomas after the ceremony

Students at the graduation party


Message from President

Spring, is coming soon here in Aizu, which is bringing us this heartwarming moment. It is my great pleasure to celebrate your graduations with all of you. Today academic degrees are going to be certified to 205 students graduating from the undergraduate school, 54 students completing the master's program, 2 students completing the doctoral program, and a thesis doctor. I offer you my heartfelt congratulations on your graduations.

Today, we are joined by the Governor of Fukushima Prefecture, the Chairperson of the Fukushima Prefectural Assembly, and the Mayor of Aizu-Wakamatsu City together with faculty and administrative staff. Families of graduates and those who have supported them must be celebrating this moment more than anyone else. On behalf of the university, I would like to express deepest appreciation for supports from all communities related to us.

New graduates must be either starting working or promoting to graduate school sooner. In near future, Japan and the world are going to enter new tumultuous period, surely. In industry-wise point of view, it is said that old ideas and models are no use obviously. For example, commoditization shifted manufacturing functions from developed countries to developing countries. Additionally, IT has changed the meaning of things and information largely. Web dramatically changed models of production, services, and consumption. Japan is weak at commercializing systems while Japan is very strong at creating components of products. Nowadays, the industry is led by the system products. To market a system, a system must have superiority in both of new functions and usability. In this field, IT could role a new challenging position. I would like our new graduates to work on integrating IT and design.

Confronting such period, you, new graduates are going to start your career or promoting to graduate school. Before going either further education or career, please reconfirm the connection between the fundamentals that you learned in the university and leading-edge technologies. In addition, in terms of boosting innovation, please take lessons from other's experiences, even tiny ones. Then at your job in employers or research, please investigate if there is any possibility of innovation. Even huge innovations are coming from simple and normal origins in many cases. Then opportunities for innovating something are equally available to anyone like sun lit.

No matter going for job or further education, you must experience days with continuous hardship waiting. Detouring is one option to reach your goals sometimes. After surviving such days, you will feel your growth.

It's been five years since the great disaster. Fukushima, and the rest part of Japan are in the acceleration period of the revitalization. Our new graduates are IT specialists who are greatly expected to contribute on the revitalization.

In the closing, once again I address my heartfelt congratulations on your graduation and completion of academic degree. Good luck.

March 18, 2016
Ryuichi OKA,
The University of Aizu

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