Breakfast is served at the University of Aizu cafeteria on weekdays from 8 to 9:30. Japanese, western, and curry breakfasts are available for 335 yen each (w/o tax). In addition, monthly breakfast passes that provide a discount on the regular price of each meal are also available (undergraduate students only; quantities are limited).

In December 2016 and January 2017, monthly breakfast passes will be available for 1,000 yen as part of a project by the UoA Supporter's Association (*1). By around 8:30 a.m. on the morning of Wednesday, December 1, when the 1,000 yen passes went on sale, some 60 or so students had picked them up at the cafeteria. With many students visiting the cafeteria in order to buy the discounted breakfast passes, the cafeteria was bustling from the time it opened in the morning.

Toshiaki Terushima, CEO of Student Life Support (SLS (*2), the operator of the cafeteria, stated that "I am glad that we were able to implement an initiative like this. Selling cafeteria breakfast passes is an uncommon initiative at Japanese universities. I hope we have the chance to continue to provide low-cost breakfast passes year-round."

Dean of Students Masahide Sugiyama (*3) expressed his hopes for students, stating "Eating a proper breakfast will keep your head clear and let you concentrate on your studies. Maintaining well-regulated eating habits and life rhythm is an important part of studying at university. I hope that each of you will start each new day with a proper breakfast so that you can focus on learning."

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University of Aizu Cafeteria Breakfast Service

  • Days: Weekdays (Excluding weekends and holidays)
  • Hours: 8:00-9:30 a.m.
  • Menu: Japanese, western, and curry breakfasts *The contents of Japanese and western breakfasts change daily. Click here for examples of the meals that are available.
  • Price: 335 yen (w/o tax), monthly passes available (undergraduate students only)

*1 UoA Support Association
*2 Student Life Support
*3 Prof. Masahide SUGIYAMA

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